Faucet Rules

Faucet CryptoList is a service offered by cryptolist.wixsite.com/cryptolist
This service offers a simple way to achieve satoshi but since some users may try to take advantage some rules will have to be followed by all users.

Always use the same wallet address. If you change the wallet address you will lose all your balance and bonus.

It’s forbidden:
– Use adblock
– Use captcha solving services and software
– Use VPS, VPN or proxy to connect to the site
– Bots of any kind
– Claim more than 120 times in 24 hours. You can check how many times you claim in Check Balance or after each claim

Brake one of these rules can (and probably will) get you banned

You can only claim once every 5 minutes

Minimum payout threshold is 5000 satoshi. If you prefer you can increase the threshold manually.

Payouts are on Sundays at any time to FaucetHub.io (It is possible that it is already Monday in some countries). You need to register on FaucetHub.io. Remember to register the same wallet used here, otherwise the payment will not arrive in your account.

You can see your balance here

If you think you’ve been wrongly banned feel free to contact us by email address admin@faucetcryptolist.com

But keep in mind that breaking 1 of these rules will probably ban you forever.

Ledger Nano S - The secure hardware wallet

The faucetcryptolist.com uses the coinhive tool.
What does that mean?
This means that as long as this site is open in your browser a small part of your PC processing power (just 1 thread at 20%) will be lent to faucetcryptolist.com for crypto-coin mining.
The faucetcryptolist.com recommends that users do not access the site through mobile platforms, since this tool can drain your battery. It is recommended that you only use mobile platforms if they are connected to a power source.
Due to the high bitcoin value added to the low payments value of the AdNetworks services, I am depending on this tool to pay the users.