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Advertise with us. Increase your traffic while helping to maintain the faucet. Prices from 100 satoshi per day. Contact us and choose the option that fits best in your pocket.

Payments will be made every Sunday at any time to accounts above 5000 satoshi.

(It is possible that it is already Monday in some countries)

The payments are made via FaucetHub.ioYou need to register.

If you are not registered yet CLICK HERE
Note: Remember to register with the same wallet used here, otherwise the payment will not arrive in your account

Claim 5 to 10 satoshi ever 5 minutes

Ref. Bonus 20%
Loyalty bonus up to 100%

Read more in bonus rules.

1. Wait until you fill the proof of work bar
2. Enter your Bitcoin address
3. Click on “claim Bitcoin”

IMPORTANT: If you claim over 120 times in 24 hours you will be banned permanently and will not get your payout.
Please consider this a friendly warning.

No more annoying pictures or words, now you just have to wait a few seconds. Please remember to refresh the page if browser was open for too long as the captcha may have expired

Always use the same wallet address. If you change the wallet address you will lose all your balance and bonus.